Pen Duick is a name steeped in history and remarkable events.

First a boat, built in 1898 by a Scottish, William Fife; it was then repurchased by Guy Tabarly.

Its incredible story started  when Eric Tabarly, a young navy officer, repurchased and restored it; it then won many races. Pen Duick history is associated to values such as work, efforts, innovations and victories.

Pen Duick clothes are manufactured with the same values.

Established with very strong roots and values, Pen Duick had to be defined by a strong and modern character and identity. An identity and a character that are found in all universes offered by the brand: Sport, Leisure, Urban, and Workwear. Four universes gathering many products that will meet your needs and ties with clothes suitable for all uses, that can be worn both outside or inside.

Pen Duick products have been manufactured by using different raw material to meet different goals and targets’ needs.

This methodology used allowed us to develop and consolidate a large range of products, both practical and technical, to meet our customer’s and the market’s needs.

Pen Duick products are well known to offer a great quality/price ratio, and a strong image and identity. This is one of the main features that helped us developing the brand in France and across Europe.

Pen Duick  allies comfort, convenience and style to meet all your needs and wishes.

Pen Duick works for you and with you.